My turn to ask: HS50 or XS-1?

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You can't be serious.............

jcmarfilph wrote:


DStan wrote:

I've got both cameras. If you've got the moolah to spend, get the X-S1. If you lay your hands on both, that alone might be enough to make your decision to get an X-S1 as it feels more solid and of better quality. If the X-S1 breaks your budget, considering what's out there, the HS50 isn't a bad choice. Whichever you get, enjoy it and take plenty of pictures. 

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Stan ;o()
In the spirit of Occam’s Razor one should embrace the less complicated formulation or simply put, less is more.

This is the answer I was looking for.  But it seems to be a "you can't go wrong with either one" response, which is even better.

Here in Sacramento we still have a full service camera store that no doubt handles much of the professional business in town, as they have all of the top end gear, including accessories.  But my last visit in there, I was surprised to see that they'd picked up the Fujifilm line, and I had a chance to play around with an X-S1 there in the store.  Oh, I liked it all right.  I liked the feel, the heft, and how it fit in my hand.  Tempting, but of course, they sell at full retail.

When I got my S9100 years ago, I really grew to love how it felt in my hands, but when I got the HS20, it was smaller, lighter, and did feel much more "plastic".  That said, I've taken a lot of good photos with it, and on a recent trip, my wife did some really great stuff with it considering that she is not a photographer and has never even held a DSLR.  Looks like that camera is hers now, and I'd better go decide on that X-S1 or an HS50, or I'm back using my S9100!

Thanks for the responses, guys.  I totally agree that the X-S1 feels much more solid and my HS20 feels much more lightweight!

Lee Hower - Sacramento

You have to try HS50 first. Size-wise, build-wise it is the same with X-S1. X-S1 has a fat ugly smoother barrel though. Over time the HS50 zoom barrel will become as smooth as X-S1's of course. And of course the X-S1 has the awesome EVF. HS50 has superior manual focus ring with focus peaking. Both will make an entry level DSLR look cheap and toy-ish.

-=[ Joms ]=-

Sorry Joms, I've got both and the X-S1 build quality is very noticeably better, period. The HS50 zoom will never be as smooth, the design and materials are just not going to make that happen and if it wears in like you assert, that's even worse because it would as a consequence wear out soon afterwards. Manual focus better, maybe, maybe not. This is not to say that the HS50 is a bad camera.  Neither will compete with a current model entry level DSLR, but the X-S1 will come much closer than the HS50.

You really can't be serious about all of this. Tell us the truth, you do this just to pis$ off Paul. 

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Stan ;o()
In the spirit of Occam’s Razor one should embrace the less complicated formulation or simply put, less is more.

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