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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

Jessadele wrote:

Hello, I have my eyes on the Mark iii, It is a big purchase and am starting to question a few things maybe someone can help me with. I'm noticing that Nikon d600 got better reviews than the Mark iii. I don't know how they could even compare given the price difference but they do. I am thinking about making the switch to Nikon although I have shot Canon for 10 years. Can anyone tell me why Canon Mark iii is worth the bigger investment than the Nikon d600? I shoot mostly portrait work. Since this will be my first full frame, my canon lenses won't work anyway so I am not invested with canon in that respect. Thanks for your input, Jess

I'll suggest you jump to the Nikon FX forum and read about the D600, then decide.


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