Making photography fun again...

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Re: Making photography fun again...

For me it makes it fun in the sense that I moved on from DSLR gear into something much more convenient and comfortable.

I absolutely adore my NEX-7 because I have something now hanging around my neck which is a lot smaller, lighter, yet know that I still will be getting top-quality photos out of it. After years with DSLR cameras, the heavier lenses, camera bag, flashes, etc., I just completely got to a point where I hated carrying stuff around. I couldn't bear with it anymore.

For example, when I was away on vacation trips, it came to a point that I was becoming more concerned in somewhat resting my neck or my back from carrying stuff around all day long. Or after a long day of walking around and sightseeing, I was literally too tired to even care of taking another photo or yet going into my heavy bag to switch lenses again. It was taking the "fun" aspect out of it, so I started finding myself carrying less lenses, or just leaving everything behind except my DSLR with just one lens; which was still pretty heavy. I would think to myself: "Darn it, we are going on a city tour today, but I'm not sure if I want to take both my 17-55 F2.8 lens along with my 70-300 just in case I need the extra reach for a subject that's far away".

Then came the NEX-7, and it just a thrill. It weighs practically nothing, and the camera bag I have for it with my other 3 lenses and accessories probably weighs the same as my other larger DSLR camera bag did when it was empty.

I went on an Alaskan cruise with my NEX-7, walked quite a lot each day as we visited each port of call and went on tours, yet felt absolutely fine...that caused me to happily keep pressing that shutter button thousands of times without any discomfort after long hours, and was still blown-away by the results from this tiny camera when I popped in my SD card into my computer. Funny story, how in the same trip there was this gentleman next to me in the Whitepass Train tour in Skagway who had a large Canon 1D full frame, with the 70-200 F2.8 lens on it. After a while of shooting scenery, I pretty much giggled to myself when I saw him crouching into uncomfortable positions and watching him struggling to point it high up to take a shot I thought, "Wow this used to be me".

So I guess this sums up my definition of photography being "fun" again by using my beloved NEX-7.

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