D600 oil specs on the sensor question

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Re: D600 oil specs on the sensor question

Not wanting to start a new thread on the oil/dust issue, I do have a question regarding my D600. I recently returned from a trip out to the Utah desert where it was very windy (and dusty) Upon inspection there was enough dust spots to want to clean it. I bought the "kit" from Copper Hill Imaging. After blowing the dust out and brushing the sensor with the supplied brush I noticed some "streaking" on the very bottom of the sensor. I take it this is oil...I can't see it when I shoot, but should I expect to be able to clean this? I did take the additional step of a "wet" cleaning. The streaks are better but still there.

Any advice would be appreciated..I can't imagine paying $30 bucks at the camera shop every time my D600 needs cleaning.

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