HVL-F60M Overheating issues

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Re: HVL-F60M Overheating issues

Dustinash wrote:

What an engineering brain fart


Anyhow.. Shot a wedding. The hvl-f60m is totally underwhelming. I had to shoot at ISo 1600, -0.7 flash ev just to keep the flash from over hearting at ever crucial moment, and still.. It would over heat.

Even when I popped the batteries.. Not even warm.. This thing is a total peice of trash. Completely unsuitable for professional photography work.

I have two Minolta 5600HS, one Minolta 3600HS and one 43AM. On a wedding shoot last year, they ALL overheated, independently on how they were used. I came to the conclusion that these flashguns only count the number of flashes fired within a certain period of time, no matter how they were recharged (alkaline, eneloops, external battery pack on the 5600HS), and how much output power they had to deliver. I bet there is not even a temperature sensor in there, but a simple counter/timer. For the old flashes, ok, but not for the 43AM and certainly not for the 60AM.

For my next wedding shoot, I will buy a Metz mecablitz 58 AF-2. Half the price of the Sony, nice feature set and probably no overheating (at least from what I read).

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