Three Graces (beautiful girls) D3, night shot in LA

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Not exactly, I'm afraid.

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

mironv wrote:

If you see any garce in any of this posing girls than you must smoke some strong stuff.

He didn't say "grace", he said the "three graces." That's an element of Roman and Greek mythology

They are not things, but celestial beings.  Use the personal pronoun "they are goddesses."

that has more to do with three aspects of women, or three stages in their growth.

Not true.   They are the kind of minor, but important god, that embody an element of reality -here it is  grace, creativity, beauty.  They do not have to do with the physical and emotional development of women (really!), but with the grace that women radiate.

The traditional depiction of the three graces, say Raphael or Rubens, is one of them connecting with the observer (like the girl on the left in the OP's picture), one indifferent (the girl on the right), and one aware but turning away or shielding their face (the girl in the center).

I think he nailed the concept.

I don't think so at all.

I have named at least one photo for the 3 graces (I am a classicist and think this way constantly.)   When I did it was because of their grace and joy and relating to each other in a way reminiscent of dance.   This photo has close to zero connection with any aspect of their representation in art.

The graces are depicted as absorbed in each other and not interested in hairy photographers with digital cameras.   They represent a world we aspire to and sometimes enjoy.   They have not interest in the likes of any of us.  They are immortal and we are not.

What is a world comming too.

I don't know. You made quite a rude response to something that you didn't understand. You have done this many times. You really need to stop. If you see something you don't understand, don't attack. Instead, ask politely for more information, like "OK, I'm not getting it. How is this 'the three graces'?"

But, you don't understand either.  Even if rude, the comment about the lack of grace was very much on point.   You are saying ignorant and distorted statements in order to bully him?  Why?

Grace on 3 girls seating on a biks waiting for something.

Yeah, and Raphael had his three graces holding apples. Go argue the merits of "holding something" and tell us how you outgun Raphael artistically. Ovenden had one of his three pulling another one's hair, three stages of maturity, much the same as Carnach did four centuries earlier.

I hope you understand the importance of the symbolism of the apple in Raphael and are just covering up your knowledge to win a point.   Tired stationary women waiting for a stoplight on bikes have no similar symbolic resonance.

You like to post some pictures don't put tilte on.

The title works for that image. I'm sorry you don't understand why it does, but for God's sake, don't be such a jerk about it.

As a former classicist I think the title is sloppy and poorly chosen.

I asked my wife, a former art historian, and she is willing to give OP a pass for the title.   So knowledgeable people can differ.  Of course her POV is a little more sophisticated and more deeply informed.   For her it works because of the complete lack of correspondence to the classical representations in painting an sculpture.   She likes it as an ironic title showing the difference between the classical ideas of beauty and grace and these angelinos.

But your fulminations are just dishonest and wrong.  For God's sake, don't be such an overbearing bully.

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