d5200 shutter curtain won't open

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Re: d5200 shutter curtain won't open

Tashley1981 wrote:


I'm having a few problems with my d5200.  Purchased about 2 weeks ago, been working great, up until today.

when I take a photo i'm only getting a 1/5th of the picture come up at the bottom, the rest of the picture is black.

I went into the options menu and selected to clean the mirror and what I see happening is the shutter curtain does not open!

complete amateur amongst DSLR's so my questions are:

1) can I fix this myself?

2) if yes, how?

3) or is is a repair job in the shop?

4) is this a common problem?

the camera is only 2 weeks old so I know it's covered under warranty, but, did have plans to go away on holiday next week and would have been nice to take the camera too - and i don't know if i'd get a replacement camera in time, so thought i'd try here first.

many thanks for your time.

Where did you buy it from?  If from a local store take it back and get a replacement.  If online send it back and get a refund or replacement and ask for overnight shipping and explain your situation.  Many times online retailers will accommodate you.  If not pay for the fastest shipping that will arrive in time for your holiday.

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