To convert raw takes forever.

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Re: To convert raw takes forever.

teseg wrote:

hotdog321 wrote:

You already have some good info: more RAM, SSD, better software. Might even be time for a more powerful machine.

Using CS6 on my PC or laptop, I'm typically getting RAW conversion and save times of two-three seconds, unless I've corrected perspective, which adds a couple of seconds.

This is a timely thread.  Just yesterday I upgraded from an older laptop with ~ 2Ghz duel core processor + 6GB RAM that would overheat and shut down with every few RAW conversions to a desktop with ~ 4 Ghz 6 core AMD processor + 10GB RAM and the result is night and day. This new machine blows me away how fast it is and how it can multitask.  I use LR4 and/or Photo Ninja.  With my new system I now qualify both programs as extremely fast.  Previously, I considered LR4 a bit sluggish and bloated.  Conversion takes a second or two and saving a 15MB file takes a fraction of a second, it seems.

My laptop has a i5 CPU 2.4gh with turbo boost,and 4 gig memory just ordered a 8 gig upgrade so will see it should speed things up.

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