To convert raw takes forever.

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Re: what is "forever"?

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A 64-bit OS will help as well.  Lightroom 4 requires Windows 7 or Vista.

64-bit OS thats what I got,and I just ordered 8 gig  memory upgrade for my laptop.

You never stated what "forever" means?  How long to convert to an image format?

And you should know that laptops are generally designed not to be high performing computers so their battery life will last longer.  If you want a good performing computer, it needs to be a desktop that runs off power from the wall and not off a battery.

You have a point ,

What i ment forever is for 160 pictures toke 20 min.

RAM and SSD will not do much.  Harddrives have no issues with linear read/write speeds of large files...its the one thing they are actually better at than SSD.

For what reason do you feel the need to convert 160 RAWs to 160 full size-jpegs?  Did you really go through and spend time doing PP work on 160 pictures?  That would take longer than 20 minutes.

How do you do it when you go out to shot than go home ,and you looking at the pictures ,you don't convert all the shots ,what  you keep just leave it raw on the computer?

No what I did I  added  sharpness to all at once  than converted them.

Everyone says shot raw ,so i try to get most out of the camera. But I do realize that if you nail the picture at the first place than no need to make too many adjustment.

Jpeg looks good too already I'm using custom picture style with sharpness at 8.

Thanks for any tips.

I Agree with what timbukto said.   I will add though that if you are shooting that many pictures in one trip you are the perfect candidate for Lightroom.   It will allow quickly sort through and pick the keepers so you can toss the rest as well as easily organize all those photos.  Plus if you have shot a bunch of images under similar conditions it is likely many of the adjustments you'll want to do will be the same for several or maybe all the images.  Lightroom  lets you make a change to one photo and apply it the many others simultaneously.  This can save you a lot of time.

If you are just going to convert the raw image straight to jpeg without editing it you might as well just shoot jpeg.  What the Canon software is doing is applying the same changes it would have made to the jpeg if you were shooting jpegs only to the raw file when you open it.  That is why it looks the same as when you shoot jpeg.  You haven't even scratched the surface of what a raw file will allow you to do.   Shooting jpeg is like shooting an instant Polaroid and shooting raw is like shooting with 35mm negative film and developing and editing it in the darkroom.   When you shoot raw you can chose how much contrast, sharpness, noise reduction, saturation, ect the image has as well as change the white balance after you have shot the image.  With jpeg the camera chooses all of that and you can't really change it much without degrading the file.

Thanks for the input I'm going to get .lightroom .

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