does the following product exist?

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Re: does the following product exist?

The easiest to carry solution is to just close one eye and look at the scene. Our two eyes give us depth perception, the camera only has one eye (lens).
Close one eye now and look around the room. You see the difference? This is why sometimes in the flesh scenes look stunning but don't translate in the camera. You have seen it with depth perception, the camera hasn't. If something makes me stop and look. I pause, close one eye, bob around for a good angle and if there isn't one, I walk on by. If there is one, I then get out the camera. You feel a bit of an idiot in the beggining, but after no time, you do it without even thinking..   Im assuming your not going to forget to bring your eyes out with you, like you may forget to bring what your posting is talking about

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