Why I chose 6D over D600

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Re: Why I chose 6D over D600

I have the D600 and I’m more than happy with the image quality and don’t find cleaning the sensor much of a problem. BUT I really wish it had the low light focus capability of the Canon. I’ve found it difficult to get consistent focus in low ambient light, having to resort to manual focus on a number of occasions even with a F1.4 lens.

One feature I do find really useful on the D600 is Auto ISO linked to focal length along with the ability to fine tune this. It more or less allows you to forget about setting ISO and get on with shooting – that’s assuming the camera will focus accurately!

I’ll persevere with the Nikon D600 as I’ve got a lot of Nikon glass, but I don’t think I would have regretted buying the Canon 6D.

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