Three Graces (beautiful girls) D3, night shot in LA

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Re: Very well done

GEAH wrote:

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

Looks like a still from a movie. Very natural, very casual and very compelling capture.

What is natural or casual about a still from a movie?

It could be that he's thinking that it's the antithesis of the kind of formal pose which is often seen in fashion shoots where the models sometimes appear to be straining to maintain an unnatural position, or if not straining, could be holding the pose indefinitely with slight changes as the shutter clicks.

If a movie was to be made with three young in a similar scene, it could last for a minute or two. There would probably be some minimal movement and interaction, but almost any frame from the movie might appear similarly natural and casual. Here are examples (including one of young Mssr. Nikon) that may be well done and successful in their field, but do little to nothing for me. Well, ok, the last one I find more appealing, simultaneously natural while a bit unnatural.

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