Nikon AW110 audio fading

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Re: Nikon AW110 audio fading

Thank you, photoreddi.  I have done two experiments so far, as you suggested.  With the camera on the tripod I was talking away and never getting an audio drop out except when I tapped or rubbed on the camera, and when I bumped the tripod leg, and one when I clapped my hands.  I announced these as I was doing them.  I did one trial with wind noise reduction off (like my earlier videos), and one with it turned on. I think it was less hypersensitive to rubbing with the wind reduction on.

It seems like that automatic gain control is mighty sensitive on this camera, but if that is normal for this model, I guess it is the price for being this model.  I haven't had a chance to try it in a strong wind, but from other test videos I have seen, being very resistant to wind noise could be a benefit that I gain, for the tradeoff of these audio dropouts. (The Panasonic TS3 in my tests, and Canon D20 and Olympus TG-1/2 of others had high wind noise.) I guess the good news is it is probably not a partial malfunction on the way to becoming a total malfunction.

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