teleconverter or longer zoom for 5100

Started Jun 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
David Lal Forum Pro • Posts: 10,246
Don't put a TC on a consumer zoom

Ruth Lipnick wrote:

Other alternative, the Nikon 1.7 or 2.0 teleconverter. I'm not familiar with these at all. Have heard that the trade off is f-stops. How much? Upside would be lighter/smaller I think.

All zooms are optical compromises and the compromise is usually worse at the extremes of the range. Especially on a super zoom. Put a teleconverter on one and the results will be rubbish - you'd probably do better just cropping in post-processing.

Best results with a TC will be obtained with a quality prime such as the Nik 300/F4 or F2.8 - although that said, I've seen some quite nice results with the 70-200 + a 1.4TC. I think you should consider renting the right kit or just go with what you have and enjoy your holiday.


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