D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

JH1 wrote:

Yet again you are trying to make out that the UK and France are more dangerous than other places. This despite the fact that the evidence does not bear out your assertions and runs contrary to the greater experience of those of us familiar with both countries through having lived in them.

Other posters have pointed out that, had most of the extreme crimes you speak of actually occurred, they would be well documented in the press; they are not. Unless you want to extend your fabrication a step further and tell us that everything was hushed up because you're a foreign diplomat and the whole thing was embarassing I suggest you just give it up.

Finally, if you do ever visit these shores, where apparently tarring, flaying and crucifixion are but a heartbeat away, I suggest you heed this warning; use the word 'touristic' in public and us natives might reintroduce capital punishment and have you burned at the stake for causing offence to the English language.

Not sure if you are being funny or simply limited in your understanding abilities. In any case, it does not really matter. I'll make a last effort to try to help you understand: I did not say France and/or UK were more or less dangerous than other places, I just related my experiences there in a polite manner to a polite forum member who asked politely. I am sorry to have disturbed your idealistic views and promise I will never ever do it again. And if I ever do please do not tell me as I might just start crying.

I am also extremely sorry to have offended your eyes with such poor language skills. Should that ever happen again, please tell me and I shall offer you to continue in either hebrew, french or spanish where you should expect less mistakes from me. Which of these would be your preference?

And about capital punishment for causing offence to the english language; you are such a brilliant example of british culture, knowledge and intelligence that I am left with no other choice but to trust your good judgement on this one. You are making the Empire extremely proud. You shall be rewarded for your vigilance!

This is really becoming fun

Sorry matey, but I have to stop spending time responding to your stupid messages even though I am starting to enjoy it as I see it as a good comedy show. This is a forum dedicated to Nikon gear and I feel we are deviating and potentially annoying other respectful forum members. So let's just get back to Nikon FX talk while enjoying our fish and chips...

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