Seattle to LA Road rip

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Re: Seattle to LA Road rip

I think the question was also important in time planning.  The I-5 route is much faster.  I'm not sure you could drive all of 101 and 1 in the time you have available so the more time you spend on the coast, the less you can give to any of the inland spots.  Perhaps deciding on one or two coastal stretches might work but you can lose several hours just driving east/west.

I'd suggest south of San Francisco, maybe the 101 to near Monterey then take Highway 1 south utnil it comes back to the 101 at San Luis Obispo then 101 south to L.A.  That picks up the Big Sur area.  FWIW, the I-5 south of about Redding isn't all that interesting in California and it's especially uninspiring south of Sacramento.  The drive from San Fransisco to Los Angeles is pretty much a full day in itself.  IIRC it's about 3 nrs. from Monterey to San Luis Obispo with some time for photography and hustling on a beautiful road that requires/deserves more time than hustle.  And about 4 hours or so from San Luis Obispo to L.A.

North of Redding, you've got Mount Shasta, Lake Shasta and the Sacramento River Canyon.  Also Crater Lake in Oregon.  If you come west to the coast at Redding, then south, you've got a number of redwoods parks, interesting towns, pretty coast, and some  option to move a little faster on 101 as opposed to taking 1 all the way.

Searching any of these place names will help add info.

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