Coolpix AW100 - condensation inside the lens

Started Jul 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
martingrumet Regular Member • Posts: 442
Re: Coolpix AW100 - condensation inside the lens

I don't know if it is a leakage issue, or humidity gradually getting in and condensing with no place to escape.

You could try getting silica gel packs from a camera store.  Remove the battery from the camera and leave the battery compartment dor open. Take a plastic sandwich bag, put in the silica gel pack, put in the camera door open, and put in the battery.  Give it at least overnight, maybe a few days for the silica gel to absorb the moisture.  Hopefully the air inside the camera will all become as dry as the rest of the air in the bag.  Insert the battery into the camera.  Close the door to the battery compartment.  See if that helps.  Avoid opening the battery door often.  Give it a new drying treatment when you do,

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