What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: I want to believe them.

So do I. I agree that they desperately need to produce some new lenses, equivalent to the 50-200mm or longer, and, in the case of a hybrid, or m4/3rds, of that quality if they want to consider themselves a "system". If you cannot reliably track moving objects, and make the most of the present lineup of HG and SHG lenses, then there is certainly something missing, as the OP states. I do a lot of bird photography with the E-5 and it's more than a bit frustrating when you can't get the speed you need (because of excessive noise above 400 ISO), or cropping space (with the 12 MP cameras). There was a time when Sigma produced the 50-500mm, at a reasonable cost, to get the distance we needed. Now we have to rely entirely on Olympus for any lenses we use. If the new camera is a m4/3s, so be it, as long as there are the basic lenses that complete the system. A large collection of primes simply won't do it, for me. I know these ideas are not new, but if Olympus is reading this, that's my two-cents worth.

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