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Re: High Angst always precedes the typical 3-4 year upgrade.

erichK wrote:

Forgottenbutnotgone wrote:

For me, the mFT cameras have more or less represented the "incremental upgrades".  Even the PL1, the first mFT camera I owned, seemed to offer some sensor/pipeline improvements, and I was gobsmacked to find that a bird shot almost blindly taken on a bright sunny day, with it mounting my 70-300 among my most successful and salable large prints.  Largely dumb luck, of course, but also testimony to  pretty capable sensor/processing engine (as well a a good copy of that lens).  And I'm just beginning to really explore what the OM-D is capable of, again often behind FT lenses.

I can understand why you would feel that way, but shifting to mft is almost tantamount to changing brands when you consider that for the most part you have to start over with the lenses as well. And just as when channging brands, one is forced to adapt to a lens system that does not quite offer what one was accustomed to with FT's. I will grant you that the sensor you gain with such a transition is a strong incentive, but for many of those not eager to give up the OVF, the ultra brignt, swiss army zooms (as opposed to several primes) and the more comfortable size of the previous offerings, mft so far forces too many compromises.

Nevertheless, as Olympus keeps telling us they know, we DO need that new larger "pro" body - and even a sidekick for it.  For all the reasons they have admitted and given above, and also because either of these mFT cameras looks so silly behing my 150f2 that I can only imagine the looks it woulf get behind the 90-250 or 300 f2.8!

We're serious photographers, after all.  What the Duck ;-).

We at least try to be. It really will be nice to see Olympus take us seriously.


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