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bosjohn21 wrote:

I remember well the r4 and r4s I used to own and use. It is my understanding that at that time which was concurant with the cl there was a relationship between minolta and Leitz beyond the similarities in cameras. I think if memory serves for the r3 r4 and r4s minolta provided the body castings and Leitz put their own stuff in them as you say. Interestingly again if memory servers one or two of the Leitz badged zoom lenses were rebadged minolta with of course different lens mount but I wouldn't bet the farm on my memory.

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More than just zooms.  The Elmarit-R 16mm fisheye and 24 wideangle were also Minolta designs.  They weren't exactly rebadged as more than the mount was different.  The Leitz versions had the Minolta optical designs, but were definitely built to Leitz' mechanical standards and may have used Leitz' coatings.

I had both the Leitz and Minolta 24/2.8 and could not tell the images from them apart.  Since the Leitz was worth $700 and the Minolta only $300 (pretty high retained value for a Minolta MD lens) I sold the Leitz.

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