Phase detection on NEX. On or off?

Started Jun 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Phase detection on NEX. On or off?

Julius Adi Atmoko Indarto wrote:

maybe u need to update your firmware. just updated mine to 1.01 for the camera and lens ver 2.
before update, phase detection only works at my 16-50 pancake. now i can use it at 50/1.8 OSS too. 
check and select your NEX camera. hope this help you

PDAF now works, I believe, with all E-lenses except 2 of the long zooms and the 16SEL2.8.

The NEX-6 comes with the PDAF pre-installed for the 16-50, but perhaps it needs to be switched to 'enable' in the menu.

Likewise, I believe (going by my 5R) that lens distortion correction is off by default and therefore it must be enabled in the menu.

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