Polarizing filter for which lens?

Started Jun 1, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Polarizing filter for which lens?

With my Panasonic system, I can use the same 52mm CPL with everything I have. I planned it that way.

I'd say for all intents and purposes, "I" use it more often with the 14-45. It matches the focal length range well and I don't like using it with the longer zoom, more because of the awkwardness trying to adjust with the physically longer lens.

I use it a lot more on wet, cloudy days than bright sunny days, for wet foliage and nature subjects. I use a grad ND more than the CPL to create blue skies on cloudy days here in the mountains.

Initially at least, I'd say you'll have more use with the CPL and 14-42.

I started buying the Sunpak filters for testing to see if I really need/want a particular effect. They have nice, smooth mounting rings and work well if you want a low cost starting place. The "novelty" of using filters can wear off real fast.

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