Sony A77 & Metz 58 AF-2

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Re: Sony A77 & Metz 58 AF-2

I have this exact setup.
Had the A77 for two days and the Metz 58 AF-2 for one day.
I have updated to V3 and the camera was already on 1.07.
I can also conform underexposure in all modes except Auto.
Interesting that if I put the camera in full auto mode or auto+ the shutter speed syncs at 1/60 and seemingly cannot be changed.
This seems to me to be a little slow. I would prefer 1/125 or better 1/250.
Whatever ISO setting I use on the camera, and with the Metz in Auto mode, I get a good exposure. And I can use 1/250 and up as far as 1/800 with no warning bleep and a good exposure.

Whatever mode the camera is in (TTL Pre-flash or ADI), the exposure is under if I use the Metz TTL or TTL-HSS modes.

Now, correct me if I am wrong here (and I am a total novice with a decent camera and flash), but shouldn't TTL Pre-flash mode set on the A77 and TTL set on the Metz be a match made in heaven?

Also, on another note, I am a tiny bit disappointed to see that the Metz doesn't appear to be 'proper' wireless. It needs he flash on the A77 firing in order to work wirelessly.
My outgoing A55 with an old Minolta flash did work wirelessly with the camera flash closed... at least I'm pretty certain it did... I'm going to have to get hold of it again from my Son and try that.
I wanted to use the Metz hand held in some cases away from the lens to reduce the possibility of red eye.
So happy to receive advice but please treat me as an Expert (as in an 'Ex' being something that once was and a 'Spurt' as a drip under pressure).

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