D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

Stay out of seedy areas and you'll generally be fine in any city.

If you are worried, go buy some insurance for your gear.   Then just go use it like the tool it is.

I've taken my DSLR's to many foreign cities and towns.   So far no problems at all.  Only time I had a camera stolen was when my wife left a point-n-shoot on the seat of our motorcycle and forgot it.  Wasn't there the next morning.

Places I'd worry:

-any place in Rome (or elsewhere) where there are a bunch of tourists and a bunch of gypsies in the same place.

-sidewalk cafes (Lisbon was one place where a cafe proprietor warned me) where you should not leave your camera bag under your chair.  (Instead, put the strap around a chair leg to discourage snatch-n-run thieves)

-I'm not particularly worried, but I did find it interesting to hear about some thieves in Moscow who somehow quickly detach your lens from your camera and run off with it.

-any trains, subways or buses where you leave your gear bag a bit unattended.

-parking lots in Hawaii and Canyon de Shelly Arizona where you put gear in the trunk and then are off viewing scenery 1/4 mile or more away and out of site of the vehicle.

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