New Technology used for sensor fabrication.

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Re: New Technology used for sensor fabrication.

ljfinger wrote:

Gary Eaves wrote:

1000 times more sensitive to light

It's not.

It creates a 1000 times stronger electrical signal from the same light (like an avalanche approach).  This reduces read noise but doesn't reduce shot noise.  Since read noise is already very low on the best sensors, reducing it to zero doesn't help all that much.

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Lee Jay
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Right.  Although it is photoconductive gain rather than avalanche gain.  We don't know anything about the noise in this device, but I expect lower SNR than for CMOS.  Lastly, I think this detector works best at 12K, that is, 12 degrees above absolute zero. Still, maybe it will have value down the road.

I am not sure most non-image-sensor-specialists understand the value of correlated double sampling in reducing read noise, especially with complete charge transfer.  It is the (not so) secret of the CCD and the CMOS APS giving such good performance.  Hard to beat.

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