D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

FtoDin5min wrote:

MostlyHarmless wrote:

msjhaffey wrote:

The concern is less with what you said about yourself and more with the way you imply this is typical of London.

I don't know what happened to you but I do know London is as safe as pretty much any major western city, and safer than many.

Exactly - along with similar statements about Paris (and France generally). The events described *could* have happened (though I would be very surprised that a carjacking involving kidnapping and attempted murder of foreign visitors would stay out of the media) - but the characterisation of London (and France) is just unreconcilable with reality.

just to make sure there is no confusion: I was carjacked and in a different incident my wife had the robbery/hostage situation. A few of our friends got violently mugged. London has become dangerous in that sense. They just beat you up just to steal almost nothing. But as a tourist walking in touristic places you are probably fine.

Two violent and newsworthy crimes: you seem to be the unluckiest person - and have the unluckiest friends -  I've come across 

About France, it has become full of pickpockets, not a little: a lot. This is a fact too. As a tourist looking like one with a camera and walking in touristic places, I bet you at least one of these pickpockets will make at least one approach at you over a 3/4 days period.

Never have been - in Paris or Toulouse.

I am not trying to characterize, but this happens and it happens more and more.

Crime in the UK and London (and as I understand it across much of the Western & developed world) is falling. At worst, in some categories, it's stable. So no, it doesn't happen more and more. (And forgive me for putting more trust in the published stats than anecdotes.)

I'm working now for some time, and won't have the opportunity to read or respond - and doubt I'll be bothered by the time I come back - so, to get back to the OP's original question: personally, I'd prefer to skip the 24-70 range in London (or any big city) and go with something either wider or longer (preferably both). But that's just me I guess - it's all down to style. If you take the same common-sense attitude you'd take at home you're very unlikely to be the victim of crime; and even less likely to be the victim of violent crime (let alone twice...)

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