Finally left MFT for DSLR

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Re: I find it interesting that you would defend the AF performance

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

I guess at least you seem to have accepted that the IQ of m4/3 is just as good as the D90.

I accept that the underlying potential IQ of m4/3 is as good as that of the D90 - maybe even better for the newest top of the line m4/3 cameras, but I still don't believe that the real world overall IQ that actually gets realized is as good - and I attribute that to the ergonomics of an optical reflex viewfinder and the AF system, even if the current best sensor in m4/3 is superior to the 4+ year-old sensor of the D90.

In any case, I certainly won't argue against the fact that a small camera that one is willing to take anywhere will produce infinitely better photos than a bulky DSLR that one left at home due to it's size and weight.  And that, to me, explains the utility of a m4/3 camera.

Real world my sister-in-law with her D90 envies the shots i get with my G3 though my G3 sensor is probably not as good.  I also take my G3 far more places than she takes her D90; with lenses the D90 is about 2x the size.

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