Bridge camera for Concerts & Birds?

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AlbionWood New Member • Posts: 10
Bridge camera for Concerts & Birds?

Looking to upgrade my old Panny FZ30 with a newer bridge camera.  The only two things that it really doesn't do well for me are:
1.  Concert photos, ambient lighting, fast action - just can't capture the images, shutter speed too slow or ISO noise too high.

2.  Bird photography - can't reach quite far enough with 420mm equivalent lens, and IQ isn't good enough to crop.

I'm contemplating either upgrading to the Panny FZ200 or the Fuji X-S1.

FZ200:  f2.8 all the way out to 600mm equivalent, 2 f-stops faster than any other superzoom.  BUT, smaller and noisier sensor.  Also, no manual zoom - which I much prefer, especially for bird/nature photo.

X-S1:  Larger sensor, less noise, so theoretically could push ISO to regain the f-stop differential vs. the FZ200.   But which really will get me the better image under concert conditions?

I know there are lots of other differences between the two, and I am also concerned with quality control on the Fuji, reading about the lens droop and orbs makes me nervous.

Anybody have direct experience with both and can help me decide?  There are no camera stores anywhere near me, so I don't have the ability to go try them out in-store.

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