Does it only take a couple of hours to learn all the basics of Photography?

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RealPancho wrote:

tedolf wrote:

RealPancho wrote:

tedolf wrote:

To me the basic concepts of photography are:

I'd call the following basic:

exposure control (aperture, shutter speed, ISO);

DOF control;

focal lenght control (depth compresson/expansion);

....and it's "length." Why do you always misspell this word, and in exactly the same way?

Neurological defect?

Just curious.

Me too.

Got any ideas?

WB control (setting a manual WB with a white/grey target);

controling subject motion blur (shutter speed);

controling camera motion blur (panning);

While these are a bit beyond basic, and possibly unnecessary, depending on one's intended style or application,

I think with digital everybody has to be able to do a manual WB.  Just like in the film days ev erybody had to know when to use tungsten film or when to use a tungsten filter.

lighting contol (flash, reflectors, use of shade);

how and when to use a tripod; and

....and I could make the case that for some, the following are detrimental.

the basic rules of composition.


Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney said they feared learning too much about proper music theory and structure, lest it obstruct their creativity.

And that is why when you get down to it the Beattles really were not very good.

Simplistic arrangements and poor vocals.

The Doors, musically were much better.

Realizing that not all of us are such once-(or twice)-in-a-lifetime talents, I nonetheless believe that there are circumstances wherein one might approach a subject and photograph it in a particular way, without awareness or concern for some predetermined list of “rules,” and come away with an artistically striking image. That it may (or may not) accidentally (or by unconscious design) conform to one or more of these “rules” is immaterial to me

Er, yes.........

what did you say?

I am also aware that there are times when a set of guidelines could help one make sense of an environment in which one might feel at something of an impasse, resulting in a nicely composed image. I happen to believe that for some photographers, the former occurs more often..


If composers and songwriters had allowed themselves to be shackled by the “rule” that time signatures must count beats in multiples of 2 or 3, then Paul Desmond would never have written Take Five, and Roger Waters wouldn’t have written Money.

well there is also chop time, 6/8 time, syncopation, etc. etc.

All part of the Rules.


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