To convert raw takes forever.

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Re: what is "forever"?

Johnyguy wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Johnyguy wrote:

dprsok wrote:

A 64-bit OS will help as well.  Lightroom 4 requires Windows 7 or Vista.

64-bit OS thats what I got,and I just ordered 8 gig  memory upgrade for my laptop.

You never stated what "forever" means?  How long to convert to an image format?

And you should know that laptops are generally designed not to be high performing computers so their battery life will last longer.  If you want a good performing computer, it needs to be a desktop that runs off power from the wall and not off a battery.

You have a point ,

What i ment forever is for 160 pictures toke 20 min.

RAM and SSD will not do much.  Harddrives have no issues with linear read/write speeds of large files...its the one thing they are actually better at than SSD.

For what reason do you feel the need to convert 160 RAWs to 160 full size-jpegs?  Did you really go through and spend time doing PP work on 160 pictures?  That would take longer than 20 minutes.

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