To convert raw takes forever.

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Don't look in to it very hard.....

You have plenty of ram to deal with RAW files.

What you to do is to change software because Canon software is very slow.

If that is still slow for you your ONLY other choice is to increase processing power and that means new computer.

SSD is not going to help you at all. People think SSD is a panacea to all slow problems but that is not true at all. SSD only helps then you load a whole bunch of tiny files because of the fast random access.Even transfer speed does not help that much unless huge files are being transferred.

So for OS or programs like Adobe Photoshop and especially Adobe InDesign that loads lots of modules and fonts SSD is perfect. Your computer boots faster and your programs load faster but that is about it unless you index large database, again a whole bunch of small files.

Is your RAW file consist of tiny portions scattered all over your hard drive? Most likely not. And if it was that is only for loading it. The most time it takes is to process it and that is there CPU comes in. The faster the CPU the faster processing is.

Just to give you the idea:

Very similar computers, all have SSD, all have 16gb of RAM, processing 5D2 RAW files.

Intel EX6800 (extreme) running at 4Ghz (overclocked) 8 seconds.

Intel I7-920 running at 4Ghz (overclocked) 4 seconds

Intel Sandy Bridge E 3930k running at 4Ghz (overclocked) 1.5 seconds.

Do you see the difference?

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