D600 oil specs on the sensor question

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Re: D600 oil specs on the sensor question

I just left this post in another thread:


to be honest I think some people have had a bigger problem (with the 600) than I have had, but there are also lots of owners who have no problem at all. I have no idea about the percentages. If you choose the 600 (the sensor really is as good as you read about) just be sure you by from a dealer with a robust return policy.

I personally take the view that if you are going to have a camera with interchangeable lenses, you should be able to clean the sensor yourself - because you will have some dust (or whatever) from time to time.  It certainly has been that way for me for every Nikon I have used, or owned. At this point I don't think my 600 is any worse than my 700 was.  Why else would the mfgs. include "lock mirror up for cleaning".  I can't imagine sending back to the mfg for a mere cleaning - or even relying on my local shop ...  that takes more effort than just doing it yourself, by far.  I would EXPECT to have to clean a Canon or Sony body from time to time too.

I shoot semi professionally, and keeping the camera and lenses clean, and the chips formatted,  and the discs backed up, and the bag in order, and the batteries charged, are just all part of the background routine.

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