Three Graces (beautiful girls) D3, night shot in LA

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Re: Three Wise Monkeys

reginalddwight wrote:

The impromptu capture is sometimes the most cherished. This shot is brilliant on many levels. Like any good piece of art, it engages the viewer and provides a medium open to seemingly countless interpretations.

Viewing the photo today, I am reminded of the Three Wise Monkeys: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

I agree, the elegant, feminine "vacuity" of the mental processes going on with the 3 Graces adds to the brilliance of this photo. It engages my mind to the countless interpretations you mention, running the gamut of pondering the mysteries of the universe to the blank, underbelly slate of the common LA streetwalker. And to think this was taken 5 years ago and is only now getting this exposure is truly remakable. A real hidden treasure, if you will, it would win any photo contest, hands-down. One thing about "art", you know it when you see it.


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