A prediction of the D400.

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Sensor is the key.

Canon is developping a new sensor. The latest modifications on the current sensor series include Pdaf on the sensor. For sure this will be part of the new Canon dx. The suprise will be the number of Mp's. There are some rumors the 70d will come this summer with exactly that sensor tech. 7d MII will follow later, possibly in 2014.

We know Sony has delayed their new series of dx cameras. The new sensor was also supposed to have the pdaf sensors, similar to the a99 sensor.The strong signals of slt disappearing for good and being replaced with mirrorless A mount bodies fits the need of this type of sensor. These bodies are not expected before 2014.The sensor will be used in the Nex models as well.

I expect Nikon to wait for that sensor as well. It will revamp live view and video AF speed. And I expect this sensor to be beat the current 24 M Toshiba by some margin. We know how well such a sensor works in the V series. Bodies with such potent AF systems will likely beat anything that uses the current mirror reflection pdaf systems.

I expect Nikon to follow this road too, meaning a radical change in body design.Canon will stick to the current dual AF system for now. It also explains why Nikon decided to use the 51 point pdaf sensor in the d7100: they do not need it in the D400. And it explains the long wait for the d400: they waited for the sensor tech to be ready and intentionally skipped an intermediate model with old tech because Canon could not deliver much to make it neccesary.


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