To convert raw takes forever.

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Re: To convert raw takes forever.

jackkurtz wrote:

Converting raw can be time consuming. You have what I would consider the minimum system and you're using the slowest software to do it (although the Canon software makes very nice conversions), but it's doable. If you to speed things up 1) more RAM, 2) replace spinning hard drive with SSD and 3) faster software on your existing system will help. After that, it's going to mean a new computer.

Johnyguy wrote:

Hi Everyone!

i got my 6D a couple days ago and so far i really like it alot ,after the 450D i had .

everyone says  to shot raw ok  i see why so i did  but when i convert the images to jpeg its takes forever, i use canon's own software came with the camera.

my laptop has  a i5 cpu with 4 gig ROM  ,  should be enough to deal with the files no?

am i doing something wrong here if i have lightroom would it be faster?

thanks for advises!

Thanks for the advise  im going to look into it .

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