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Re: Increase RAM

Nikoni wrote:

Thanks again Jim, I should think of what is my next step then, buying or upgrading?

How can we help you if we do not know what you have now?

Your question is like asking someone if buying a new lens for your existing camera, or getting a new camera and lens is better to improve your photos, without letting anyone know what camera and lens you're currently using.

You're not giving us any information.

As suggested in my last two posts, let members here know more about the computer you have for better suggestions.

Let us know the brand and model of the PC you're using, along with the CPU it's using and what operating system you have on it.

It may be just fine by spending a small amount of money for a new version of Windows and some additional memory, saving you the cost of buying a new PC.

But, we have no idea what you're using at this point, because you still have not given us any details about your computer other than you think it's using a 32 bit OS and has 4GB of memory.

That doesn't tell us much about it, as there are thousands of different computer models that could meet that description, with lots of differences between them.

We need the details about your computer to help you.

Look... you can buy an OEM copy of 64 bit Windows 7 for less than $100 right now.  Even that type of upgrade would probably give you more memory available to Photoshop, since it sounds like you already have 4GB installed (but, Photoshop cannot use most of it with a 32 bit Operating System).

Also, additional RAM is very inexpensive anymore (and it just plugs into the slots on the motherboard).

But, we need to know what you have now to make better suggestions on what the best options are.

IOW, if you want help, give us more information.   We need to know exactly what PC you have now (brand/model if it's an off-the-shelf type of system, along with the CPU it's using.

Without that type of information, we have no idea what to suggest.

Did you try running the Crucial Scanner tool I suggested using in my first post to this thread?  That will give you an idea of what kind of memory upgrades are applicable.

But, if you would simply tell us what kind of PC you have (being as specific as possible about the brand and model, cpu installed, etc.), we could probably help you figure out that kind of thing and if it's inexpensive to upgrade it or not.

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