A prediction of the D400.

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Re: Here is the Latest Rumour....

thomas2279f wrote:

Video seems to be same as D7100 and hope Nikon announces a D4'ish pro video camera with 36MP  / 16mp and 4K+ like Canon has done and rumored Sony is bringing one out

So, one of the reasons given for the non appearance of a D400 is Nikon's inability to move around 24mp files at 8-9 frames per second. Would a 36mp D4 move files at anywhere near the rate of a current D4 then? No, then why make such a thing? Pro videographers seem to be happy enough with the D800/5DIII form factor, so why spend more to put the tech into a body they don't need. They could probably make a 4K version of the D800 if they wanted to.

I personally think Nikon have missed the Pro video market. I don't think that there is much that they can do to counter what Canon are doing with EOS C300 Super 35mm video camera and their Cinema EF lenses in giving the impression that they are taking this market seriously. Nikon may get the odd feature better than Canon for video in their DSLRs, but I doubt it would be a big enough feature to tempt people to jump ship.

As for possible D400 and 7DII cameras, one would assume that they would be released at a similar time, but I doubt that they are colluding in delaying tactics, as the longer they wait, the smaller their potential markets for those cameras could get as D300/S upgraders either decide they are happy with what they have, go D7*** or go Full Frame. (if they stick with Nikon of course ;-)) Nikon seems to think most will go to FF. The longer they wait, the higher in spec the lower models in the range get, and so the harder it gets to make the top of the range DX stand out as being top of the range. :-/ If either was ready with such a camera, they would brought it to the market already imho. :-/

Waiting for the other to release a camera only works if you are sure you have something better, or can change things late in the day to counter what the opposition has. That's a very risky game to play. imho. All the hardware features are locked in pretty early, and there is probably not much that can be done to improve the features in firmware. At least not initially. While Cana could make big improvements to the firmware of the 7D, Nikon hasn't been able to offer much with the D300S firmware.

Although come to think of it, if both are waiting for the other to release their camera, they may never release them, as neither wants to go first. lol

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