D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

coronawithlime wrote:

With all due respect, I am personally more inclined to credit opinions regarding London from London residents than from someone such as yourself who lists a residence in Papua New Guinea  

Doesn't mean I'm right, I'm just saying  

All things being equal, this is a fair comment

BUT things are not equal unfortunately. This 'London' guy has decided that I am a liar because he reads the press, and on the assumed basis that he lives in London. I guess that makes him right. He must be smart, I mean really smart, some serious brainpower.

And even more amazingly, he knows my life better than me because my name (that he does not know) was not in the headlines of the press (that he obviously does not fully read).

I can't remember what I had for breakfast, do you think I should ask him? He must know for sure, no?

Obviously noone here can Google and realize that violent carjackings are frequent in London (although they have really reduced in the last few years due to better security systems in cars) and that very violent muggings are also very frequent (still). Don't Google please, I may be proven right.

But to come back on your comment about who to give more credit to, based on the fact that this guy can draw conclusions about whether facts happened in my life or not based on this type of rationale, I would give more credit to myself. It would really be painful to me to give credit to such an intellectually challenged person on the basis of his flawed rationale (although I would gladly credit him for many other aspects of his personality that I am sure exceed his brain capabilities)

But maybe you are right, where he states he lives compared to where I state I live is a more important factor about who to give credit to.

In any case, I was volunteering to share my experience of London (and that of relatives or close friends) because a fellow member of this forum kindly asked us to share experience. I am not here to invent stories for pleasure nor am I here to waste time justifying to this idiot that these things happened…

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