@ Henry's show: Handled E-P5, G6, GF6 amongst others.

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@ Henry's show: Handled E-P5, G6, GF6 amongst others.

Was at the Henry's Exposure show in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
All the major camera manufacturers were there with all their new stuff.
Even the 'Fuji Guys' were there lol.

Anyhow, handled the E-P5 and must say I'm very impressed. Was very nice to hold, it handled beautifully and the VF4 seemed really nice. If I was to get an Oly, I would pick it over the E-M5 I think, even though I said I would not get another camera that didn't have a built in EVF. Actually, that is one of the only thing that would make me stop from getting it. Otherwise, it's a great camera. Though I must admit, the interface is...well...very unintuitive. Even the Fuji X100s seemed to have a better (somewhat) menu structure (now the Ricoh GR...damn, that interface is sweet!).

The G6? Surprisingly it was very nice camera. Didn't really handle the G5 so can't compare but it fit my hands really nicely. Very solid feeling even though it's not as metalic as the E-P5. The little I played with it, all I can say is that for those that are looking for a camera that has all the features up the yin/yang, this camera is an awesome deal (though strangely I may have noticed some of the problems people were talking about with the GH3 EVF...but if that is what I saw, it's not something I would have a problem with if I actually used the camera...
GF6, can't say too much...it seemed solid enough. Nice enough camera but nothing that screams out to me. Then again, I'm not one of those in the target market. It is much bigger than the GF3 though.
Finally picked up the GH3 though. Very solid camera. But it was also too big for my tastes. But that's just a preference thing. It just seemed like a much better built G6. Just a little bit bigger and heavier. Lovely camera otherwise though. Then again, I'm one of those that want a rangefinder styled camera with an EVF on the left corner so this camera is certainly not what I'm looking for. Oh, saw what I'm assuming to be an open box GH3 there, selling for $699CDN. Sounds like a great deal no?
On the side note, I think I'm in love with the Ricoh GR (and to a lesser extent the Fuji X100s). Size, interface, etc. very sweet. Nikon Coolpix A, nice enough but rather boxy looking. Fuji XF1…lovely camera, convoluted lens power-on mechanism. The 'Fuji Guys' were saying that it was a mistake and that the upgrade will change that feature. X-20 is beautiful but just as pocket-able as my GF1…i.e. not very.
The new Panasonic LF1? Holy, is it ever slim. That's is definitely a camera that can be considered a pocket camera. And quite solid feeling to boot. The EVF isn't that good though but for compositional usage in bright light? I think it'll do. Sorta like my LVF1 on my GF1.

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