Nikon D600,D7100 or Canon 6D

Started May 26, 2013 | Questions thread
labalaba Contributing Member • Posts: 660
Re: Nikon D600,D7100 or Canon 6D

your unhappiness with low-light photography could be related to either the kit lens or the body, most likely both.

If you buy any of the 3 cameras you mention then the upgrade is going to be greater than the differences between the new options.  That might be an argument for the D7100, since it is by far the cheapest.  Or even the older D7000, since the D7100 differs chiefly in better AF and slightly more MP, neither of which seems crucial for you.  Regarding lenses, you could get the expensive 17-55 F2.8 lens, which is the best zoom for low light, or you could get another kit lens such as the 18-105VR for general purposes and add a prime lens for low light.  Are many of your low light photographs taken near one particular focal length?  You might find that a 35mm F1.8 lens would cover most of your low-light requirements, for example.

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