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Re: imho no again

enrique santa wrote:

And much more are you going to spend a lot money in something your just triyng?.....
All we need is love

The question was whether it was a good beginner's camera, not the cheapest, not the most economical, not the most logical, not the best. In fact, I would likely recommend a cheaper camera but that doesn't make the E-M5 a bad choice.

IMO, the only downsides are price and size.

The pluses are:

1. Built in EVF

2. ability to use external flash on hotshoe and EVF at the same time. This is the only Oly that does that and IMO a big advantage over the Pens.

3. 5 axis IBIS

4. Weather sealing

BTW, the E-M5 and E-P5 are more than I am willing to spend on a camera and I am not a beginner. It is a hobby for me. I set a reasonable budget (for me) on what I am willing to spend on photography equipment. One of the reasons I switched from Nikon DSLRs is that the cost of cameras with all of the features I wanted was too high. In particular, you needed to get the D7000 to get high speed sync and the ability to focus non-AFS lenses. I wasn't willing to spend over $1000 to get the upgraded sensor I wanted. I settled for the D5000, which I really liked, but the lack of HSS always bugged me.

I switched to m43 and now I have 2 cameras (GX1 and G3) that can currently be purchased for $250 that support most of the still camera features of the >$1000 GH3.

My hope is that Panny will release a G-series at some point with a sensor as good as the E-M5 or that Oly will release a cheaper alternative with a built in EVF and good ergonomics. I will look at the reviews of the G6 pretty closely.

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