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This should come as no surprise to dedicated Olympus photographers, but I think it's worth posting anyway ... particularly in light of what's happened to 4:3 and the speculations about both its demise and its resurrection.

A few days ago I printed 25 images from a range of cameras, including the E-510, a Canon 450D/xsi, Canon 40D, Canon t3i, Nikon D2x, Panasonic DMC LC-1 and Fuji X10.  The images from each camera were all shot raw and processed to the very best of my ability using both LR and Capture One. They were printed on my superb Epson 3880 all to the same size: 11" X 14" and on the same paper, Epson Premium Luster.

I then asked my wife and several friends to simply sift through the stack of images and make two, separate piles: one pile for the images that had the most "pop," overall clarity, color richness, naturalness, etc., the other pile with images that simply lacked "something" or were decidedly less appealing, technically, than the other pile.

With one exception, the images in the "pop and clarity" pile were from the E-510. The exception was an image shot with my wonderful little Fuji X10, which was included in the "pop and clarity" pile.

The proof is ALWAYS in the printing. No dxomark tests or other "data" can convey with any degree of accuracy just how well a camera takes pictures in real-world applications. Even in high contrast scenes, when properly set for exposure, the E-510 performs admirably and responds exceptionally well to heavy pushing in post-process ... although the dxomark scores would lead you to think it can't compete at all with other cameras in this regard.

End of story ....

Very true, a local camera store displays the photos from the staff taken around town with a variety of cameras and in some cases blown up to pretty fussy, but what i noticed was how all the cameras these days produce stunning images with the right processing & printing. Some of the shots made with just point & shoots are very impressive blown up - i was surprised. We are lucky to have all this superb equipment available these days, too much hair splitting goes on over nothing.

Agree 100% and would only add "count your blessings." Digital technology isn't perfect by any stretch, but what a gift from the Gods! I have dozens and dozens (maybe hundreds) of prints, large and small, that would have cost me a small fortune during the film days (if I could have afforded to have them all printed, which I couldn't ... not at those hefty Cibachrome prices!). This is all really amazing stuff. Be wary of those who are overly critical of gear or who trash older cameras just because they're old. Nonsense. The camera makers put a lot of thinking and technology behind some of this old gear, which is where many of them built strong reputations. If you don't have to go larger than 11 X 14, cameras like the E-1, Nikon D1x and Canon 1D still do a great job.

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