OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: Oly did say that this is not the 'PRO' OMD

agogo wrote:

For it's price point I'd say the build quality is great, but not on the same level as the E3/5 which are damn near indestructible.

I'm sure the new pro OMD will have the same level of indestructibleness.

I've mounted my 300/2.8 on the EM5 and it feels strong and secure even with that weight - although I wouldn't hold the combination with just the camera only.

Yes, the AF is unusable for the most part. My best focusing 4/3 lens on the OMD is the 12-60 - which I use for landscapes. Just wish it had focus peaking.

At this late date it's hard to say what parameters folks are using to measure ruggedness. If you took bare E-5 and E-M5 shells you might learn something about crush and dent resistance, but what have you learned about camera survival in challenging field conditions? Not much. It might be the E-M5's simpler design (lacking several dslr mechanical and optical components) gives it an edge or it might be the E-M5's miniaturization and "floating" IBIS system make it more vulnerable. Which camera is more water-resistant? Which is more susceptible to overheating? (Actually, I think we can infer the answer to that.)

Somebody at Olympus probably knows all these answers to a good degree, but what they don't know is precisely what camera-threatening things we might do to our own equipment. What I know is a ruggedized camera--which both are--will survive more insults than one that is not. Carrying one shifts the odds in our favor to some unknown extent. (Lens survival is an entirely separate conversation.)

I've used both, unprotected, in horrble weather and they still work as new. Good enough for me, as I've yet to press one into service as a tent-peg hammer.

BTW, I'm impressed at your using the 300 on the E-M5 (more correctly, hung the E-M5 on the 300). I've used the 150 with and without the EC14 on it and it's quite a load, but much smaller than the 300 (which I don't own). I won't claim it's as sturdy as on the E-5 but that's because of the added adapter and TC flanges, and no knock on the little camera. The E-M5 lens mount is solid as an anvil.



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