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Re: Gimme a break!

tedolf wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

Droogie45 wrote:

I have to side with Tedolf on this, the OM-d is a horrible beginners camera. Besides the price, it is just too much camera for a beginner. I came into photography by way of the Pentax K1000, all manual and as bare bones as one could get. But it took beautiful photos. The same should apply to any beginner digital camera.

The criteria should be inexpensive, easy to use in manual mode and takes great photos. Sounds like the EPL1 and EPL2, even the GX1 to me. I believe those are the best beginner cameras. Not some high end digital that (admit it) even the seasoned vets here has trouble with.

I agree, if someone said "I don't have a clue, what should I do?" I wouldn't recommend an OM-D.

OTOH, if a newbie said they wanted the OM-D, I wouldn't talk them out of it.   And that's mainly what this is all about - Tedolf's unsolicited lectures about the camera he things others should buy.

I didn't say anything at all in my OP, I just asked a question.

It is your fellow forum members that have been doing all the "lecturing" in this thread.

Loose the hate, man!

I do lose the hate from time to time.  When you start up again with your lectures (as has evidenced again lately), then I loose the hate, man.

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