Olympus repairs in Canada - Trinitek Electronics Inc ???

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It's not the work ethic...

Mako2011 wrote:

A few out there.  That one was from sitejabber I think. The Mexico plant seems to be hiring so business might be good. Would be interesting to see the breakdown of which plant does what. I personally wouldn't have a problem with it. I'm often really impressed by the work ethic on the other side of the tracks.

Good Luck all

...it's the loss of dedicated product expertise and courteous, generous service that Olympus was once famous for.

I worked as an employment counsellor and advocate for mainly professional immigrants -often engineers and technologists-  for over a decade, and certainly respect the expertise and work ethic of such people in most countries.  The problem is that people who are working on contract for an organization that is working on contract are unlikely to have the incentive - and freedom and resources - to do the little extras that we so appreciated in the past.

For example, when, living in Germany ca 1987, I went to an Olympus Cllinic at a camera store in nearby Basel, Switzerland and was amazed and impressed when they not only cleaned and calibrated my OM-1 and OM-2, but politly offered to do, and did the same for my old Pen FT and ancient Pen Fv.

You can't do such thing on contract, and, indeed, the job Trinitek did of checking and cleaning my E-5 seemed to have been very perfunctory.  It is hard to do more "on contract".

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