2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

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Re: 2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

amalric wrote:

Pic Man wrote: The 19mm might just be a waste of money.

Can't you even read? I mentioned HIGH sensitivity sensors, which offset the need of large apertures, by raising automatically the ISO.

Which in turn reduces the IQ whatever sensor you have. Sure you can shoot at ISO 3200 but I'd rather shoot at ISO 800.

Oh, you grasp the concept. Perhaps you'll slowly understand the implication of clean high ISO.

Or perhaps not. I frequently shoot at f1.4 with a ISO limit of 1600. Over 1600 I think the image degrades more than I like. If your happy shooting at iso 6400 that's fine, it's subjective what you think is too much noise or maybe your camera is just much better than mine.

Therefore no need of fast, but POOR RESOLUTION lenses at max aperture, like the PL, for FIVE times the price of the Sigma - LOL!

But at least it goes to 1.4. It gets much sharper as you stop down even a little and it's still not bad at 1.4. It's not five times the price where I'm from, 3 maybe. Still rather have the 25 and a kit zoom over 4 or 5 sigmas at different focal lengths.

Conversely at 2.8 the PL and the Sigma have the same resolution, so go talk about the waste of money...

Resolution isn't everything. I also didn't say it was a waste of money, I said it might be depending on what you own.

I take pictures, I am not a collector or a braggart. YMMV

I take pictures too. Here's one I took last weekend with the 25mm f1.4.

Maybe we should just agree to disagree.


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