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Re: It's all about the glass.....

GXRuser wrote:

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Leica lenses really are, generally speaking - worth the prices charged for them relative to the competition.  The cameras themselves have not been, for a long time.  But as liong as Leica is the only game in town where you can get a sensor that uses the whole image circle of Leica lenses, some folks will pay the freight to buy the cameras.

But what if Cosina/Voigtlander teamed with Sony, to build a Leica-mount digital camera with a state of the art full frame sensor along the lines of a Bessa R3, and sold the thing for $1500 or so?  Leica's sales of M9s and such would drop like a stone - but their lens sales would go up.

C/V already did this when they manufactured the Epson RD1

Why C/V has not released their own updated version of the Epson RD1 is a real mystery.

Epson is the manufacturer per se. They supplied everything other than the body and the RF, and the shutter. Cosina is not / was not a digital camera manufacturer. Epson kind of exited the digital camera business, therefore no more update since the RD1s (the last model?).

From the image samples the Epson was very noisy, and the resolution was already too low when it came out.

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