which is the best 70-300mm for A57

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Re: which is the best 70-300mm for A57

I have the Sony 55-300 SAM and older 75-300.  (not the G)

Their character is a bit different.

At full zoom, the 75-300 is sharp in the center with a visible decrease in sharpness toward the edges.  The 55-300 is not as sharp in the center, but maintains what sharpness it has toward the edges, so at the edges it is noticeably sharper than the 75-300.

For my purposes, a few grab the camera and run outdoors to catch a few wildlife shots,  (coyotes, roadrunners, hawks, snakes, lizards) the center sharpness of the 75-300 is actually makes it a bit better for me although overall I think most people would pick the 55-300 as the better lens.

I tend to buy the Sony lenses when possible to take advantage of in camera lens corrections.

On my A65 I do not notice any appreciable difference in focusing speed or motor noise.  But apparantly I am not especially picky about those two things in a telezoom because I also am perfectly happy with the focusing speed and noise of my Minolta 70-210 Beercan as well.

In theory it would be nice to put a Sigma stabilized lens on my A65, but when I have tried it, it turned out the Sony Steady Shot was so much more effective then Sigma OS that I end up always leaving the Sigma OS turned off and the Sony Steady Shot turned on.    It did not make sense to me to have possibly more blurry pictures over a better viewfinder experience since I tend to shoot in twilight conditions.  But I can see where if you mostly shoot in bright daylight, the Sigma OS could be the preferred way to go.

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