Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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Re: Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

Just to chime in here as well...I'm kind of quickly reading through all the replies but I'll let you know my experience coming from an A55 to a 5d mark iii.

I do a lot of indoor sports photography for my children, gymanastics and martial arts.  I was told the A55 would do fine for me and it did but the noise at any iso above 1600 was too much for me to deal with.  I can't use flash so that left me looking for a full frame.

I really wanted to like the a99 but the iso wasn't as good as the canon and nikons so I decided to bite the bullet and get the 5d.

There are things that I really miss from my a55.  Articulating screen, fast live view focusing, the evf (what you see is what you get).  I have focus peaking on my rx100 and would love to get that feature too.

But in the end I had to choose if it was image quality vs all of those other pluses on the sony system.

In the beginning of owning my 5d I was really annoyed and missing shots due to being over/under exposed, wrong white balance, etc.  I hate chimping all the time but after 6 months of ownership the one thing I can recommend to you is spending a lot of time shooting with the 6d.  I'd say not to even use it for a paid gig until you've put in a few weeks of heavy photo shooting so you can understand how the camera works.  There is a big difference between the sony and the canon on how they behave let alone figuring out the menu system.

I'm at the point now where I don't miss that many shots but I keep forgetting to check my metering in the OVF.  I will over expose at times because it looks fine in the ovf but then I forgot to check the metering.  But a quick chimp and I'm back in the action.

I guess what I'm saying is that the things you mentioned as missing from the a57 are always going to be in the back of your mind but then you have to look at the quality of photos you are getting out of the 6d and see if it's worth giving up what you like about the sony systems.

To be honest, if sony can get rid of the translucent mirror and improve their higher ISO, I'd be happy to jump ship again.  Though at this point, I've invested too much into the canon system now to where jumping ship will be quite costly so I'm sticking with canon for the next 5-6 years.

Good luck and like I said, it's all about practice.  I take a lot of shots around the house knowing nothing is a keeper but to help train myself to be patient in taking the shot, checking the metering, seeing if I can change things without taking my eye away from the OVF by button feeling only and getting comfortable with the menu system as you can't see the menu in the OVF like the EVF can display.


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