Any evidence of the weaker yen affecting camera gear prices?

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Re: rebates (in the U.S.)

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Good answers thanks and as a matter of fact, Nikon has been running a similar rebate these last few months on some cameras, e.g. the D600 but not the D800. Reading between the lines, perhaps it is trying to tempt the cost-sconcious APS-C camera users with 135 frame aspirations to move inexpensively, while assuming the more professional or monied crowd interested in the D800 are going to just buy it at its existing price point. I recall lots of people waiting for the D700 to go down. 2+ years later it had hardly moved at all, though I think that the weak pound and the strong yen at the time had some role in this.

$200 off on an $2100 camera is not that much when the total system cost of moving up from DX (assuming you have not been buying FX lenses to this point) is well over $1000 after sale of your existing recent DX body.  One of the reasons the D600 is being discounted is because it had a nasty spate of early production quality control problems (example: the infamous oil-on-the-sensor-that-won't-come-off glitch, caused by an overlubricated shutter assembly) while offering somewhat less in the control and operational column than its DX brother, the D7100, at half the price.  The D800, despite its own QC problems, does stuff that no other FF camera can do, and is still in demand, as you have deduced.

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